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Coming Home (2015)

In the Spring of 2014, several generations of Shades Alumni reunited to discuss the group's music, message, and social impact, as well as its goals for the future. Culminating in our 25th Anniversary Concert, our new album Coming Home stands as a testament to reconnecting with our roots, strengthening our bonds as a family, and looking on with hope for future generations. With this, we recommit ourselves to musical excellence and expressing the utter passion with which we sing as one. Together, we hope to continue touching hearts and minds through music and find strength in one another. Purchase our new album on iTunes today and share in our musical journey, twenty-five years in the making.

​Complete Coming Home Tracklist:

  • Spiritual

  • Fallin'

  • Let Me Love You

  • Weak

  • Summertime

  • Agolo

  • With You

  • Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrika (Live)

  • Hound Dog

  • Back to Black

  • Make Me Whole

  • Coming Home

  • Wanting Memories (Live)

  • Shut De Do (Live)

  • Amen/We Shall Overcome (Live)

  • Is It a Crime (Live)

If you're also interested in purchasing any of our older albums, Sankofa or Beneath the Sun, fill out the form on our contact page and we'll contact you to purchase your copy!  Just specify the name of the desired album(s) and the quantity of each in the Message Box.

​Beneath the Sun (2010)​

  • Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica

  • Let Me Know
  • He Needs Me
  • Yes You
  • How Come You Don't Call Me
  • 5 Steps
  • More Than a Paycheck
  • Hello Like Before
  • Something Within Me
  • Kiss From a Rose
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  • When You Think of Me
  • Keep On Walkin'
  • A Change is Gonna Come
  • Shut De Do
  • Amen/We Shall Overcome

Sankofa (2005)

  • One by One

  • Brown Skin
  • Walk With Me
  • Impossible
  • Moody's Mood for Love
  • More Than a Paycheck
  • Certainly
  • For You
  • You're All I Need to Get By
  • Deep River
  • Real Love
  • Good to Me (As I Am to You)
  • Don't Go
  • Shut De Do
  • Elijah Rock (Bonus Track)
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